Migrant Youth Helsinki project improves the position of young migrants in the areas of working life, education and the social environment.


The City of Helsinki Youth Department and The We Foundation (Me säätiö) are looking for new solutions to improve the situation of migrant youth in Helsinki.

25 % of young migrants find themselves outside education and the workplace after finishing primary education. The corresponding figure for the native population is 4%.

Migrant Youth Helsinki project improves the position of youth through service design and experiments. The project creates new models that can be integrated into the city’s future activities and will, in the future, expand to other cities. Approaches and models have to be long-lasting, measurable and affect the daily lives of hundreds of young people.

Irma Sippola
Project Manager
tel. +358 41 512 1795
Email. irma.sippola@hel.fi


In the Buddyschool, the students organize inspirational lessons for younger pupils. This model will reinforce their experience of success and relevance; encourage the inclusion of young people; and improve learning outcomes through peer learning.


The Micro-labour market pilot improves regional prosperity through the creation of jobs for young people and during the project will create the work donation model. In this model, the private sector is encouraged to donate money to create specific work possibilities for young migrants.

Peer Jury intervenes in the criminal paths of young people under the age of 15 after their first crime and supports their path away from the crimes. The method is based on peersupport where older teenagers deal with the criminal or harmfull acts of the minors under 15 years.

Parenthood is supported in the area of education and employment of the youth. Furthermore, the interaction and access to the right information are improved in situations where young people have substance abuse or mental health problems.

In MakeSomeNoise young migrant background expert speakers offer a cultural understanding to public debate and service development.


In co-operation City of Helsinki and We Foundation

The We Foundation is funding a project with 2 270 000 €. Duration of the Migrant Youth Helsinki project is five years (2016-2020)

The We Foundation supports projects where the objective is to diminish social inequality and exclusion of children, youth, and families in Finland.